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Commercial & Residential Resurfacing - We have the gear so no job is too big or too small for us to ensure that you get quality work at competitive prices.

Driveways - We have you covered from home to business for any driveway needs. Let us work with you to redo or even rethink the best layout and use of space for your driveway.

Parking Lots - Having some of the best equipment in the business allows us to take on parking lots in a variety of sizes and types. In addition we offer line and stripe services.

Private Roadways - We have the gear to cover any project, big or small.

Sidewalks & Walkways - Residential, commercial or town work to create sidewalks and walkways with a variety of edge finishing touches from curbs to cobblestone and more.

Curbing - Whether it's asphalt curbs molded with our curbing gear or curbs with other stone materials, we have you covered for both commercial and residential purposes.

Sealcoating - Sealcoating can be messy work and the bigger the area, the bigger the mess (and smell). Let us take of your sealcoating needs for a professional finish.

Sports Courts - Basketball, tennis or any other hard top sports surfaces.

Lines & Striping - Parking lot lines, sport court lines or any others needs. We have the gear and experience to get it done right.

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